About Us

J-man:   He is a ball of energy, a sweetheart of massive proportions, and the one this is all about.  He has a significant language delay, which means we aren’t discussing Voltare (yet).  We aren’t exactly sure what is going on with him, but the possible culprits are PDD-NOS, autism, mixed expressive receptive language disorder, and apraxia.  We don’t know the end of the story, but we are getting a little closer every day.

Mommy:  AKA The Green Eyed Monster Momma (GEMM).  Fierce protector, fiery advocate, and in desparate need of a nap.  She has a PhD in Developmental Psychology (ironic, she knows), works as an NICU nurse, and dreams of the day she can discuss Voltare with the J-man.  Or even Curious George.  She ain’t picky.  Sometimes she thinks about becoming a writer, but then remembers the bills have to get paid.

Daddy:  The Big Man.  The one who really gets the bills paid.  The Bad Cop to mommy’s Good Cop.  Daddy literally kicks ass and takes names.

Here are some posts most relevant to our story.  They are in chronological order, which means you can see me go from confusion, to frustration, to self-assurance, and then back to confusion about a dozen times.
Oh, and the rambling… sorry about that….