School Daze

And so it begins…

My yin and yang.  My highs and lows.  My dream and nightmare.  All this and more has resulted from a single, crazy, amazing event.J-man got into the “dream” charter school.  For Kindergarten.  This fall.  THIS FALL!


Those are tears of joy and dread, people.  Of hope and doubt.  Of confidence and fear.

I am so excited, confused, conflicted, excited… oh wait, I said that already…  well, there you go.  I am a whirl of mixed up emotions.

Of course, my first mistake (or act of utter genius) is that I applied to have J-man enrolled at the “dream” school to begin with.  You see, we didn’t plan on enrolling him in Kindergarten this year.  The plan was to keep him out until he was six.  Give him time to mature, etc etc.  And I still think that is a really, really good plan.  A reallllllllly good plan.

But….  well… for some crazy reason I thought that it couldn’t hurt to apply to go to the “dream” school.  I knew the odds were stacked against us.  There were only a very small number of empty slots (like, 20), and well over 100 applications.  So, you know… the odds of J-man getting in were very small and….

Here we are.

Will he be ready?  Welcomed?  Able to perform in a regular classroom?  How much support will he need?  Can they provide it?  Is this school truly as wonderful as everyone says?

Am I making a giant-ass mistake by even trying this????

And yet, as I waiver to and fro, I see things like this bus…

J-man cut out the bus, windows, and tires independently.  And glued them on independently.  And those were things he couldn’t do a month ago.  So maybe I am worrying needlessly?  Maybe he can do it??

Stay tuned.  The drama is just beginning.

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