Vacation Post Due

I have been an AWFUL blogger.
Part of it is because I have been working full time, doing advocacy work at the Capitol, preparing for the Highlight It Up Blue for Autism fundraiser/awareness event, sponsored by autism spectrum disorder Australia, and taking care of J-man and Big Daddy.  But hey… I did skip out on the seminar at J-man’s program entitled “Parental Burnout – what you need to know”.  I am working toward being the poster child for parental burnout… I am not sure I need to go to a seminar on it.

The other reason is that J-man and I flew down to Arizona to visit my parents.  It was a long weekend, and there is lots to talk about, and unfortunately… because of the above events this past month… my brain cannot possibly convey the terrible wonderfulness of our trip right now.  So that will have to wait.  Maybe this weekend I can write something coherent… if I am not in a stress-induced coma.

In the meantime, two photos.  One of the oh-so-awesome J-man sporting some serious shades…

… And the next of me, sporting my new blue highlights.  I just want you to know that I hate pictures of myself, but I am sharing it here because of YOU.  I am just that giving.

I promise much more entertaining blogposts in the near future.

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